Friday, August 3, 2012

trip to dairy farm and Ritter Sport chocolate factory

 Grumps was so excited to share fresh milk with the boys, we stopped at a farm on the way to the chocolate factory Great German lady took us on a little tour of the cows it was neat. boys not too fond of fresh milk but it was a great experience.milk is Milch in German.
 Ritter Sport chocolate factory doesnt do factory tours anymore but they do have a free museum over the discount chocolate store. by the way-family that is the chocolate i sent at Christmas-you will get more this year-any requests for favorite combinations ?above is this mini factory you push a button and it delivers a little mini bar of chocolate to sample cute idea.
coco tree-they also had real coco seeds to try the boys did not like them imagine that.


  1. I have tried about 10 times to post a comment from my kindle this morning and it just won't work!!!

    My kids have a hard time saying Milch correctly, that and schwimmen. :)
    That place looks like a fun day. Nice you get to get around and see things.

  2. got it fixed. someone in indonesia supposedly was trying to access account and it locked it. so yippee nothing was lost.