Thursday, August 2, 2012

Spain last post 8 What a TRIP

 OK so our Spain trip was a long hard trip with lots of incidents that made it stressful, but we did end up loving the beach-even though people should have worn more clothing to make it more relaxing to us. but we had a good family bonding time. In case you didn't know what went wrong i can highlight a few of them. Lost my cell phone, stuck at airport for 3 hrs because rental car info was wrong, got pick pocketed--in a foreign county-that is sooo stressful, husbands phone stopped working -battery problem, sun burns, Liam got a rash seperate to the ones we all got-or in addition to the ones we all got, eaten alive came home with strange bites or rash doctor wasn't sure which but we are going to scar from all the pock marks Kristopher has the most poor thing. hum what else was there oh i had food poisoning...there were more but we bonded as a family.. Love my boys all of them.
 through the underpass to the Beach we go. Cala Romana
 Little clear crab.
here they are digging and little baby fishes are appearing.

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  1. I want to go to those beaches! They look so fresh and blue. ;) that tunnel was pretty cool too.